Panols – Post Your Best Panoramic Shots on Instagram | NewsWatch Review


With the right panoramic shot, you can capture the breadth and beauty of a vast landscape.

Often this is the only way to properly capture that scene. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it very easy to post these.

That’s where the Panols app comes in.

Panols allows you to easily post your best panorama shots on Instagram. It simply splits any photo from your iPhone photo library into multiple squares, allowing you to post the entire image across your Instagram display grid.

So, here’s how it works. Fire up your Panols app, then select the photo from your photos library. Select how you want it divided. Now all you have to do is post it to Instagram.

Not only are your wide shots and panoramas now on full display, but you’ve also created a cool aesthetic on your Instagram photo display grid.

Panols has several other features like the ability to watermark your photos to make sure the right person gets credit. No wonder it has been selected on the App Store’s List of Favorite Apps and is constantly in the top 100 Photo and Video apps.

You can download it for $1.99 by heading to the App Store and searching for “Panols.”