INECO – Create a Space with Functional Eco-Friendly Materials | NewsWatch Review

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Most of the time when considering the cleanliness of space, we think some form of cleaning will do the job and that’s that. But often we don’t consider air pollutants and other harmful substances that also occupy our homes and offices, like excessive moisture and Volatile Organic Compounds of VOCs.

That’s where INECO comes in.

INECO is a company established with the mission to create a space that is both pleasant and safe with its functional eco-friendly construction materials.

INECO’s products control the humidity while removing harmful substances and indoor pollutants in the air by absorbing and storing moisture, blocking condensation, and suppressing breeding of ticks and mold. By moderating humidity, they’re effectively reducing the likelihood of respiratory diseases like dermatitis or asthma.

Not to mention – no one wants to feel humid in their home or office. Other unhealthy pollutants, like VOCs, one of the top indoor air quality problems, are also removed with this remarkable innovation.

They’ve created an all-natural porous microstructure that purifies the air and enhances indoor air quality. This results in a much more pleasant environment with fewer odors from cigarettes, trash, pets, toilets, and other sources.

As a nice bonus, you can add your favorite fragrances and essential oils to the products to totally customize your space, allowing your room to always smell fresh, despite what goes in and out of the room. Meaning you’ll never have to think twice about having your friend’s dog come over or cooking a meal that could stink up the house. But not only are they blocking harmful materials, but the tiles are also releasing far-infrared rays, which quite nerves, consequently enhancing immunity.

They do all of this without sacrificing aesthetics. Available as three-dimensional wall tiles in many beautiful designs or as photo blocks, they will make your home or office more aesthetically pleasant, beautiful, and healthy.

The tiles come in several modern styles, sizes, and colors, complementing any room you’d want to be both beautiful and safe. And they’re installed like any other wall tile, so there’s no learning curve there.

As the only material to be awarded for the prevention of environmental skin disease, INECO’s air quality solution is one of a kind. So if you want to make your space beautiful and clean, you need INECO.

You can learn more about INECO and their beautiful products, but visiting today.