bHaptics’ Tactsuit – Adding a Tacticle Aspect to Virtual Reality | NewsWatch Review

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We all know virtual reality – ya know, the technology that allows you to virtually see and hear. But you can’t actually feel anything with the current virtual reality technology on the market… until now.

The Tactsuit by bHaptics is disrupting the industry by adding a tactile aspect to virtual reality, making virtual reality truly virtual reality for the first time.

The full-body suit allows people to feel what’s happening, using elaborate tactile technology with 70 individually controllable vibration actuators that deliver a sensation to every part of the body.

Once you put on the suit, you’ll be able to feel a person’s long-distance hug. Or if you’re playing a game wearing the Tactsuit, you’ll be able to feel getting shot by a gun or fighting with a samurai.

You can even feel kicks and punches while playing soccer or boxing. The applications of the Tactsuit are limitless, which is why bHaptics supports every type of SDK and a dedicated editing tool for developers.

They’re also making sure that this technology is convenient and affordable for everyone. Tactsuit works with any platform across PC, VR, Console with native support and audio-to-haptic features.

The suit will be available to purchase from Amazon in April 2019 and you can learn more about how you feel the future at today.