X-Brain All in One Solution – Manage All Smart Home Devices with a Single Hub

Tech Report

If you’re a fan of smart home technology, then you know how convenient some of the newest technology can be for your home. If your home is already smart – you know how annoying it is to be switching between each different device and application in order to control your Smart Home.

What if there was one device to control and manage all your smart home functions?

That’s where the Xbrain comes in.

One device, one easy to use application. The Xbrain is a Smart all in one device – It provides you Smart Home controls, Cyber Security, Parental Controls as well as an Entertainment platform.

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu; it manages all your smart home devices like Philips Hue or Nest Thermometer; it protects your smart home with a built-in firewall that updates daily to protect against new viruses and malware; it also has parental controls to keep your family safe from harmful and inappropriate websites.

And it’s all managed on one convenient hub that you can access from your television, mobile device, or computer.

So if you want to controls, manage and keep your smart home safe and protect your kids, you need to check out Xbrain by heading to xunison.com.