June’s Journey – Hidden Object Mystery Game | NewsWatch Review


Are you ready for the next mobile game that will instantly become your favorite way to pass the time? Of course, you are.

June’s Journey is that game. In this hidden object mystery game, you’ll be tasked with finding objects tucked away in beautiful, colorful, and carefully crafted scenes.

Each new unique scene takes you further through a thrilling murder mystery story set against the backdrop of the 1920s. The main protagonist, June Parker, is on a frantic quest to solve the murder of her sister while uncovering the many shocking secrets of her family.

If this was a book you would call it a page-turner. While the game is no-doubt exciting, it’s also soothing. The relaxing gameplay perfectly combines with a story that is truly captivating and full of twists, turns, and exciting cliffhangers that keep you completely immersed.

It’s a perfect mix that’ll keep you coming back for more. So if you’re ready for a light challenge, an engaging story and endless fun, you’re going to want to check out June’s Journey.

To download it for free today head to the Google Play or App Store on your mobile phone or tablet and search for “June’s Journey“.