SportCoups – Free Fundraising Platform for Any Sport | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch/Consumer Update

Between practices, games, and school, student-athletes have a lot on their plates.

There’s so much they have to worry about, with little to no time for themselves. That’s why coaches are turning to modern solutions for fundraising, allowing their athletes to focus on the important stuff. SportCoups is a free fundraising platform that lets entire athletic departments, individual teams, or programs raise money for any sport.

Once they set up their fundraiser through the app or online, athletes or parents can share it with family and friends through text, email, and social media with a click of a button. Athletes are only asking for $25 donations, giving donors access to hundreds of dollars in coupons from popular retailers and restaurants for 6 months on their mobile phones.

Unlike run-of-the-mill, door-to-door fundraisers like cookie dough or popcorn tubs, everyone can get on board with saving money at their favorite locations and online. Coaches have the ability to log into the SportCoups dashboard at any point to see how well their team is doing with their goal.

They can also check in on individual athletes to see if they’ve reached their personal goal or if they need to share their fundraiser with more people.

Coaches will never have to collect payments from their athletes because the secure credit card transaction goes straight into the team bank account. So not only do coaches not have to fiddle with cash from their athletes, but they’ll have an organized list of payments in a single place.

SportCoups is the easiest way for teams to raise money for equipment, user fees, travel expenses, and more, saving time for coaches, student-athletes, and parents.

If you’d like to take a new approach to fundraising so you can get better results for your team, head to today.