PowerSphyr – Your Ultimate Wireless Charging Solution | NewsWatch Review

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We’ve seen a huge demand for wireless charging over the past few years, but there’s been a vast delay getting the technology to catch up with the need. That was, until now.

PowerSphyr Technology recently released a new solution to reduce the major hurdles associated with wireless charging solutions.

PowerSphyr has created the ability to look at power, by adding intelligence to all the power systems and the receiver systems.

Today, PowerSphyr is the only one who has combined magnetic inductive and magnetic residence together. This is a first, so they can actually power every phone that’s in today, built by Apple, Samsung and Huawei but will offer a 60% faster-without-Magnetic-residence capability.

The reason for wireless power not being ubiquitous yet is the ability for people and energy and power to be the same system. What has happened in the original process, is Apple, Samsung, Huawei have put in a magnetic inductor chi-chip into their phones, which is a one-to-one system, magnetic-residence that offers the ability to power multiple items such as RF’s to DC’s radio frequency to DC electric.

There are multiple others like that but the IOT market for radio frequency to DC electric, the powers requests have come down and the power compacity for capturing power has gone up. So as those two cross, they have been able to align themselves to be useful. With these efforts, it creates the ability for wireless power to become ubiquitous.

Find out how you can incorporate PowerSphyr technology in your business by heading to powersphyr.com today.