Yummypets – The First Social Network Dedicated to Pets | NewsWatch Review


You know that feeling when you’re at the dog park and you spot a fellow owner, and without a single word, there’s an instant bond?

You know when you’re aching to share that adorable photo of your cat with someone who understands you? If you’re a pet parent, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But wouldn’t it be great if you could experience this anytime you wanted?

Well, that’s pretty much what they did with Yummypets. Yummypets is the first ‘social petwork’ of its kind, dedicated exclusively to pet parents. Post your fur friend’s best moments and see the mutual love roll in. There’s plenty of love with over 1.3 million pet parents sharing stories online.

Yummypets is free to all pet parents and offers year-round competitions where you can win goodies and make your pet a star. You can also learn more about your special friend with regularly posted Yummypets articles.

Get the latest animal news, as well as helpful tips and advice on health, nutrition, and behavior, written with the support of veterinarians. And in case you’re in need of immediate assistance, the app will help you find a nearby vet.

You can join Yummypets today by heading to Yummypets.com or download the app on your Android or iPhone for free.