Hauoli – Acoustic-Based Motion Tracking Technology | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES

In order for new tech like VR and AR to be widely adopted we need to see serious progress made in the development of gesture recognition and motion tracking.

Thankfully, Hauoli is on the job.

Hauoli specializes in the development of acoustic-based motion tracking technology and its applications.

While there are plenty of other gesture recognition and motion tracking products out there, the thing that makes Hauoli’s tech stand out is that it enables millimeter level tracking accuracy without the need for extra hardware.

That means laser-precise tracking so that you don’t lose focus on the experience.

Now Hauoli isn’t only targeting the VR and AR experience. They intend to revolutionize how users interact with the world. That includes controlling games, TVs, lights, and anything with smart capabilities. Games like Endless Runner, Crazy Ball, and Keep Driving are great examples of Hauoli tech in action.

While each of these titles are mobile games, the gameplay is significantly different than what you might be used to with traditional mobile gaming.

In these games, you control the action simply by moving your hand.

To find out more about Hauoli and the endless application of their motion tracking technology, head over to Hauoli.co today.