Chromebook – Experts in Computer Parts and Repair | NewsWatch Review

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We love our gadgets! Except when they break or don’t work properly. That’s why we need to know where to go when that happens. When it comes to our Chromebooks, is the expert in parts and repair.

They are the go-to supplier when we need to keep our Chromebook devices in tip-top condition. Their website caters to the everyday consumer who just need a little help fixing their devices, but they also specialize in helping school districts repair Chromebooks at an affordable cost, making sure less electronics are being tossed out while also saving them money. is able to help the environment by supporting users and repairing their devices which ultimately minimizes the need to buy new devices.

They also recycle tons of packing material and use those in our shipments. Lastly, plants thousands of trees a year in partnership with their friends over at Wood Chuck USA. They support their users by providing a website that’s easy to use and navigate so they can find the part they need.

They also offer tutorials and video resources to help with their process. In general, Chromebooks are very easy to repair. If you have a passion for the Chromebook lifecycle or the environment, be sure to check out

If you need a little help with your Chromebook, head to