Effigy – The Most Responsive and Playable MIDI Controller | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

We love finding new and interesting ways technology can be used to enhance music. In the case of Effigy Labs, we found a company enhancing the experience of the musician directly.

The Effigy Labs Control pedal is easily the most playable and responsive MIDI controller out there. Its practical design helps musicians add dimension and control. Patented sensors work in combination with a unique T-balanced foot mechanism, allowing for smooth morphing between sounds.

Pressing left, right, or forward create different sounds. Once you’re plugged into your keyboard, computer or MIDI device, you can map these controls however you like, even to traditionally hand-operated controls like Pitch Bend. In fact, you can have up to three MIDI commands expressed from a single position on the pedal. This opens up huge possibilities to morph between effects, or even to control multiple devices on different channels at the same time.

The Extreme Control Knob located just above the pedal gives you a switchable sensitivity control or a fourth MIDI controller you can program to your liking.

Not only is this patented technology making better musicians, but it can be applied to a plethora of other applications.

Find out more by heading to EffigyLabs.com.