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We pay too little attention to the importance of sound in our everyday lives. Especially as it pertains to our work environments.

Meeting rooms, restaurants, and other gathering places could benefit greatly from small changes to the space itself. If you’ve ever been in a restaurant or open plan office where a hundred people are talking at the same time, each one trying to talk loud enough to drown out the other voices, then you know what I mean.

NTi Audio has the solution. Their XL2 sound level meter accurately measures a room’s reverberation time. There are known and accepted values for what is considered desirable when it comes to the reverberation in a room. Of course, those accepted levels vary according to the intended use of the space.

A gym, for example, will be different from the acceptable reverberation of an office. Once you know the existing values of a problem room, you can easily model to see if adding absorption would improve it.

By calculating before installing, you can make sure to get it right the first time.

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