MindNode – Capture Thoughts and Organize into a Visually Compelling Diagram | NewsWatch Review


There’s so much that goes on in our everyday lives. How do we make sure to keep all our ideas and thoughts in order? That’s where MindNode comes in.

MindNode makes capturing your thoughts fun and helps organize them into a visually compelling diagram.

Whether your thoughts are in the form of words, images, links, tasks or notes, you can place it all in the MindNode app in any sequence to get a clear view of what’s on your mind.

The Quick Entry feature makes adding fast-flowing ideas a cinch. The Smart Layout means you don’t have to worry about how your document looks. MindNode will do all the grunt work to make sure it’s aesthetic yet still personal.

Now, you of, course, want to see how these thoughts and ideas connect. The app makes that extremely easy as it reflects the ever-changing landscape that is your mind. Connect, reconnect, and detach thoughts from one another as much as you want.

These features allow you to explore and customize so that you can discover new and creative ways of thinking and putting those thoughts into action.

You can download MindNode in the App Store today.