LumiCharge – LED Lamp with Universal Cell Charging Station | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Every year we try and find the best mobile phone charging solutions/gadgets at CES. Well, we just came across the most convenient way to charge and more with the second generation of the LumiCharge.

LumiCharge is a game-changing LED lamp with a universal cell phone charging station built in. It all started a couple of years ago with a simple elegant solution for charging every device in the market – whether it was Android or iOS.

The makers of LumiCharge ran into the issue of having multiple phones in their household and wanted to come up with a solution to have a product that everyone could use at home for all ages. Hence, Lumi Charge came into existence.

LumiCharge’s mission is to eliminate all the wiring at your desk as well as hosts three modes of coloring. There’s light, indoor and for reading options and within those modes you have brightness levels that you can go up and down with as well. In addition to the light and charging station, there’s an alarm clock.

LumiCharge also contains a motion sensor for a nightlight. It also has reflection and is able to move. This lamp is unlike any other. This one can move 270 degrees, forward and backward. You also have a 30 degree top link on it too so it will cover your whole basis on your desk.

Lumi Charge comes in and replaces your existing lamp and provides an option to charge more than one phone. The beauty of Lumi Charge is that you don’t need to know what phone, or what manufacturer of the phone needs to be. They have covered all the phones that are currently in the market. Whether you wish to call it a lamp or charging station, it’s a multifunctional product that every household will love.

Find out how you can get one at And if you’re looking to get LumiCharge now, use this special promo link to add a little perk to your purchase!