Aervana – Make it Even Easier to Enjoy Your Wine | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or not, you’ve probably heard how letting red wines breathe can help reveal their best flavors and give you a better glass to enjoy. But after a long day of work, who wants to wait to properly aerate a bottle when you could be getting down to the important part– drinking it.

The Aervana Original luxury wine aerator makes it easy to enjoy your wine at its best by aerating and dispensing the wine simultaneously, all within an innovative “wine tap” format. With the easy-to-use Aervana, it only takes one finger and the push of a button to perfectly aerate your wine and deliver it to your glass.

Instant aeration allows you the freedom to enjoy your wine at any time, quickly and easily. And with this nifty little system, you’ll make it through wine night mess-free.

Perfect for wine tasting with friends, people love dispensing their own glass and tasting the difference aerating with Aervana makes. And as an added bonus, the newest Aervana comes with a high-quality stainless steel tube that works with both standard and magnum size wine bottles.

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