AT Player – Download and Import Music for Free Across Various Platforms | NewsWatch Review


Music is more accessible than ever thanks to streaming and digital downloads. But where the experience could improve is in the apps that host these options. Some apps are extremely limited or even clunky and hard to use.

Well, we found an app to improve your music experience.

AT Player is a music downloader app that allows you to download and import music for free across numerous platforms. But it does so much more than that. There are over 2 million MP3 tracks available to download right now for easy offline listening, including through Bluetooth devices.

This includes music, podcasts, and other listening pleasures. The search engine in the app is extremely powerful, with over 2 million songs to choose from when looking to download and listen offline. But if you’ve got a solid internet connection you can choose to stream from over 100 million songs on YouTube, since AT Player has figured out how to comply with playing the video without interrupting your phone use or draining your battery.

It has a lock screen feature that blacks out the visual so you can save on battery and place the phone in your pocket. You can download free music to listen to while you are offline and commuting!

Additionally, if you already have a local music library, AT Player acts as a feature-rich player for your music. It includes the ability to create playlists and an advanced equalizer that allows you to play your music with the perfect audio set-up for that genre or song. The app simply creates a floating window so you can multitask.

And if you want something a little more random, you can listen to any radio station across the globe – 90,000 in all. Curious if Ed Sheeran is playing on the radio somewhere? A simple search will turn up that station for you to listen to. You can either choose one of the presets or simply modify the EQ yourself. And if all of that wasn’t enough, AT Player also includes a music recognition feature that listens and identifies any song playing nearby. Not only will it identify it, but it will create a playlist with recommended songs.

AT Player is absolutely free with no login and no subscriptions. And with over 40 million downloads on Google Play with 160,000 5-star reviews and an appearance at number 1 in US Trending Music & Audio, downloading it is a no-brainer. Download from the Google Play store today or visit