The Wizards – VR Spell-Caster Game | NewsWatch Review

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If you’re ready to get immersed in a new game then this next one’s for you.

The Wizards is a multiple award-winning VR spellcaster game developed by Carbon Studio.

It’s a unique virtual reality experience that was released last year on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive but now includes a major facelift in the new PlayStation VR version that was just released.

The story unravels as you travel through time and fight epic battles in crazy and mysterious lands.

Freeze, burn, or electrocute your enemies using various spells that require you to use distinct hand gestures to cast. This new version includes new levels that extend the campaign. Checkpoints, character customization, and a bunch of other features are all new in the PlayStation VR version.

You can choose between the Story Campaign or Arena Mode where you’ll face endless battles that challenge your skill as a wizard. So grab your magic garment, it’s up to you alone to save Meliora from complete and utter destruction.

You can play The Wizards in VR right now on Steam, Oculus, PlayStation and Viveport. And keep an eye out for a boxed version coming soon.

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