Cluffy Lux Step Insole – Orthopedic Solution to Get You Back on Your Feet | NewsWatch Review

Health Update

Heel, and foot pain in general, can be incredibly uncomfortable. But when it starts to affect your ability to walk, it becomes more than just a nuisance, it’s a problem that can’t be ignored.

Thankfully, now there’s a solution to help you get back on your feet and get to the real problem that’s causing you pain. The Lux Step insole was designed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Clough to get to the root cause of heel and arch pain and provide long-lasting pain relief.

This one-of-a-kind insole features the patented, clinically-proven Cluffy Wedge which works to relieve heel pain caused by problems such as plantar fasciitis and bunions as well as correcting the way you step.

Instead of applying a band-aid effect like some creams and pads tend to do, the Cluffy Wedge works to fix the underlying problem that’s causing you so much pain.

By giving a lift to your big toe, many experience quick or even instantaneous relief. The Lux Step also includes other important features like the Gel Heel Pad for optimum shock absorption, Wings that hug the foot for comfort and provide arch support from the inside out, and the patent-pending Dynamic Arch Design that offers adaptable and flexible arch support.

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