Arlians – B2B Networking App That Let’s You Make Local and Global Connections | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report/AppWatch

The internet has automated the process of doing business. But despite the many innovations, finding business partnerships is still left to luck.

Not anymore. Check out Arlians.

Arlians is a business to business networking app that allows you to make global and local connections you’ll ever need. This free marketplace is more than just a business directory, it’s a community of registered businesses interacting with each other, making valuable connections.

Thanks to its proprietary matching algorithm you can easily find suppliers, business partners, or even customers for your business anywhere, anytime.

To get started let Arlians know what your business does and what type of business relationship you’re looking for.

It will automatically match businesses that fit your specific needs and present your business card to those looking for your products and services. Any feedback you give at this point will only improve match results over time.

Next, you can message and chat with businesses to discuss unique opportunities and exchange ideas. Arlians offers news and articles perfectly curated to your business, thanks to its business-only database, and you can even share your own.

Network with businesses around the world for free today by searching for “Arlians” on Web, iOS or Android.