Easter Sweeper – Bright and Playful Match 3 Game | NewsWatch Review


Easter is known for its bright colors and fun and lively mood. And we have just the game to keep you in the spirit. Easter Sweeper is a bright and playful match 3 game with over 1200 levels filled with challenges.

While you want to match 3, you can also make matches of 4 or 5 to create powerful bombs and powerups and use the magic wand to collect a single piece to seal the win.

As you match your way through puzzling levels, you’ll collect golden eggs, fill your basket with chocolate goodies and help the Easter bunny pop out of the magic hat. Levels have different themes that keep the game engaging.

Clear away the ice, make spring flowers bloom and collect the first butterflies of spring. Or eat cookies, uncover tasty cakes, and fire off explosive candy canes. One thing that really makes this match 3 game different than others out there is its lack of distractions.

You don’t run out of lives and don’t have to connect with friends to help you with your progress.

Download Easter Sweeper for free today by searching for it in the Google Play or App Store.