GameChanger – Free Score-Keeping App for Baseball and Softball Players | NewsWatch Review


For those of you who spend Saturdays on a youth baseball or softball diamond, this next one’s for you.

Powered by Dick’s Sporting Goods, GameChanger is an easy-to-use app that gives baseball and softball coaches, players, parents, and fans a one-stop solution for everything they need to score, manage and follow the team.

The app’s free scorekeeping tool allows coaches to intuitively keep score in any game with just a few taps in the app.

As the coach scores the game, GameChanger instantaneously turns this information into in-depth stats and player charts allowing coaches to make the right call at a moment’s notice and improve the team’s performance throughout the season.

Coaches have everything they need including spray charts, pitch counts, and other key game insights at the tip of their fingers.

With GameChanger, fans will never miss a moment of the action even if they aren’t able to make it to the game. GameChanger provides fans with access to live game updates, post-game recaps and season stats.

Plus GameChanger provides a suite of team management features so you can access the schedule, send messages, and receive live game and player alerts. Making it the one stop shop for all your Baseball and Softball season needs.

You can download the GameChanger app for free today in the App Store or Google Play or head on over to for more information on this game-changing app.