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It goes without saying that some of the biggest issues with the global economy are inflation, instability, and market volatility. While cryptocurrencies and stablecoins have tried to combat this problem, there hasn’t been anything that’s truly effective.

Currently, no monetary system, neither fiat nor crypto, have a non-flationary baseline or financial standard to maintain stability over time. The market is missing a monetary system that will preserve and enhance value while protecting against inflation, regional shocks, and politically-biased influences.

Anchor is a new cryptocurrency that’s changing the game with its non-flationary financial index.

Anchor is a stablecoin cryptocurrency pegged to a non-flationary financial index that reflects the long-term growth of the global economy, via Anchor’s algorithm called the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).

At the base of Anchor’s tokenomics is a dual-token system comprised of Anchor Tokens, payment tokens that mirror global economic growth, and Dock Tokens (DOCT), the stabilizing utility tokens. They use a burn-mint model to ensure that the value of Anchors always remains pegged to the global economy via the MMU.

They are proud to announce the recent launch of their public test net that allows users to experience the Anchor platform. Follow The Anchor Project on Telegram to request access.

Learn how you can get involved by heading to and join the Anchor Project on Telegram today