Supercats – Real-Time Competitive Game with Anthropomorphic Cats | NewsWatch Review


Ready for your next mobile game obsession? We thought so.

Check out Supercats.

Supercats is a new recreational real-time competitive game filled with a ton of cool anthropomorphic cats.

In other words, these cats run and gun like humans. To keep it fun, each cat has its own origin story and personality. There are 70 cats you can choose!

Shoot, defend, jump, roll, and control your super cats to win the battle for you and your teammates scattered across the globe.

This multi-player game was designed to bring the fun of multi shooters to your mobile device while allowing you to play shorter matches and connect up with like-minded players around the world.

You have plenty of game modes to choose from. The most popular is the Battle Royal mode.

In this intense thrill ride, 10 people play in real-time. It’s a free for all with the last person standing declared the winner.

Only in Battle Royal mode, you’ll unlock treasure chests to collect extra weapons and items to make you a stronger, more formidable opponent.

The gameplay has been perfected by the designers to allow new players to easily master it while offering a strategic and engaging experience for advanced players.

Download Supercats from the Google Play and App Store today.