Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – All-in-One Yoga and Meditation App | NewsWatch Review


When it comes to relieving stress in both the mind and body, there’s nothing better than a calming and relaxing yoga session.

The Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is an all-in-one yoga and meditation app that includes 150 ready-made yoga videos and meditations with new content added regularly.

Each video includes soothing music and relaxing narration designed to give you the experience of attending a stress-free yoga class or meditation session.

Add in a 280 pose reference guide complete with detailed advice and images and you’ve got the ultimate yoga resource.

But what makes Yoga Studio truly unique is the ability to create unlimited custom video yoga classes pose by pose.

Classes range from 5 to 60 minutes in length. From beginner to advanced.

There’s no need for an internet connection. Just simply download the classes, allowing you to practice them anywhere, anytime.

You can even schedule classes which automatically sync with your calendar.

And of course, Yoga Studio seamlessly integrates with your health app to track calories and workouts.

You can download the Yoga Studio app for free in the Google Play or App Store and sign up for your free 7-day trial today.