Raindrops – Gummy Candy for Any Occasion | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If gummy bears aren’t your favorite candy, then we can’t be friends. Just kidding, but seriously who doesn’t love gummy bears? The only thing better than normal gummy bears or worms is gummy candy served up in different themes, shapes, and sizes.

Raindrops is a candy company that specializes in crazy and fun themes for gummies. Their themes include gummies shaped like a pizza, hamburger, BBQ, cake, donut, noodles, taco, and sushi. Basically everyone’s favorite foods that have been turned into your favorite treat.

The creative gummies come in a variety of flavors, not just what you’re used to. Grab a handful and you might get one that’s fruity, or sour or even licorice. And if you’re really lucky, you might bite into a fun-themed gummy with marshmallow complementing the gummy chewiness. In other words, you’ll never get bored with all the different flavor options.

One of my favorites is the Sushi Bento Box. Each “sushi” piece is garnished with additional flavors. The Candy California Rolls include marshmallow wrapped in a sour gummy belt, while the Candy Nigiri is a marshmallow topped with gummy fish.  And trust me, it’s as delicious as it looks.

Another favorite of mine is the candy noodles that come in their very own Chinese box, with its very own candy shrimps, noodles, eggs, and vegetables.

Basically a take-out gummy meal! And let’s not forget to mention the gummy pizza that’s loaded with tons of gummy toppings.  As if you didn’t love pizza enough. Not only do they taste yummy but they’re a lot of fun to eat or to give as a gift on a special occasion. And sizes are true to their imitation.

So, if you order a gummy taco, it’s the size of an actual taco. Get your own themed gummies by heading over to Raindropscandy.com today.