Become the Grill Boss with FlipFork | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We’re sliding into summer and hope you’ve got the grill ready to go, because we’ve got just the tool to add to your grill kit. FlipFork is an all-in-one kitchen utensil that puts all others to shame.

As the first and last tool you’ll need, the FlipFork includes a 5-in-1 design that perfectly blends a spatula, fork, meat tenderizer, knife, and bottle opener all together to deliver the most convenient cooking or grilling experience.

There are 3 different versions of the FlipFork available for purchase covering all your needs from the kitchen to the outdoor grill.

Their flagship one-of-a-kind utensil is aptly titled “The Boss.” The Boss is stainless steel with an Acacia [pronunciation: ah – kay – sha] wood handle and is made specifically for grilling. The Flex is made with nylon material featuring soft-touch handles with non-slips grips – perfect for cooking with the nonstick pans that you don’t want to scratch.

Then there’s The Works, which is a great hybrid of The Boss and The Flex, making it perfect for cutting and flipping food right in the oven.

You can visit to get your hands on your very own FlipFork just in time for summer.