Make Productivity A Priority in the Workplace with Clarity Wave | NewsWatch Review

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If these last couple of years have taught us anything, being mindful of employees and their needs is vital to the growth and survival of any company. But this can’t be done if there’s no open communication between employee and employer.

That’s where Clarity Wave comes in.

Clarity Wave is a cloud-based software solution that provides unique insight using true 360-degree employee surveys. These surveys allow the team member to evaluate the company on a number of important metrics, vital to continued productivity and morale.

This type of feedback system is both engaging and provides not only the employer with an in-depth analysis of the workplace but also allows employees to see where they could improve and how they could better the work environment.

Now, where Clarity Wave differs from other software is in its personalization. Each team member has their own page that allows them to evaluate co-workers and receive honest, anonymous feedback about themselves.

They will receive recognition for their strengths and positive qualities, allowing some much-needed validation.

They’ll even receive badges, points, and prizes for participation, making it a fun game, while ensuring less turnover and a more dynamic work environment.

So, if you want happier, loyal, engaged employees get started today at