The RP Diet App – Expect MORE from your diet app | NewsWatch Review


Diet tracker apps are a great way to track the quantity of food you’re putting in your body, but what if you need something more from a diet app? That’s exactly what the RP Diet App does.

The RP Diet App has already cracked top 10 health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store, the RP Diet App is a results-driven app that was designed by nutritional experts and data scientists to give you the straight path to fat loss. Unlike diet tracker apps, RP Diet is a diet designer and coach.

It tells you what to eat, instead of you just logging what you’ve already eaten. Think of it like an expert diet coach in your pocket. When you log in, you’ll tell the app about yourself and specify your schedule, preferences, and fat loss or muscle gain goals.

The app instantly creates your customized diet, and you get to select which of your favorite foods to eat for each meal. The app calculates all the amounts, so you don’t do any math!

You’ll get regular reminders when you should eat and when it’s time to step on the scale to track your progress. As your body changes, the RP Diet App will alter your diet to keep you on track but leaves you in the driver’s seat to confirm the best adjustments for your needs.

Start your free two-week trial today by searching for “RP Diet App” in the Google Play or App Store.