No Kid Will be Left Behind with Class Ace on the Case | Newswatch Review

Consumer Update

Most parents would agree that K-12 education is… well hard. If a child doesn’t pay attention in class, busy parents get stuck having to teach. Or worst case, kids simply fall behind.

Luckily there’s Class Ace. Class Ace has set out to create the world’s most effective learning platform for kids.

Through Class Ace, children of all learning abilities and backgrounds can develop to their greatest potential.

Other learning platforms like IXL and Khan Academy either lacked effective teaching materials or had ineffective practice sessions.

Class Ace is the first one-stop-shop that combines kid-friendly articles, smart practice sessions, and parent and teacher tools to make learning easier for everyone.

Class Ace is built to make independent learning as easy as possible, but many kids still need a human touch.

That’s why Class Ace has a teacher view where you can quickly see where students are getting stuck, and what questions they’ve missed.

Students also have a practice log, so it’s easy to keep kids accountable for regular practice.

Class Ace currently includes lessons for 1st through 3rd-grade math and language arts, with new lessons for science, history and even life skills across all grades coming soon.

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