GMS Accounting Software, Helping Non-Profit Organizations Worldwide | NewsWatch Review

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Accounting software is a useful organizational tool that can keep track of your financial activities, but different organizations require different accounting software depending on their needs.

The GMS Accounting and Financial Management/Reporting System contains all of the financial functions you would need to run a non-profit organization on a daily basis.

As you know non-profits have specific guidelines and regulations that govern their finances and GMS Accounting takes care of all of it.

This lifesaver of a system includes a General Ledger, Cash Receipts, General Journal, Budget Preparation, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Timesheet Accounting, Cost Allocation and so much more.

You’re able to account for, report and monitor budgets for multiple grants and contracts at one time while remaining 100% in compliance with government regulations. While the basic GMS package is pretty complete and full of helpful tools, sometimes you need a more specific function for your organization.

GMS is customizable to every client’s needs. GMS is also known for its excellent customer service which is exclusively conducted in-house by their team of software specialists.

To find out more about GMS Accounting and Financial Management software or if you want to learn about their revolving loan servicing software, visit today.