Ikan’s new 17” Bright Beam Splitter Teleprompter is a Must-Have | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

When it comes to being an anchor on screen, we have to deal with a lot of information fast. And while we might do a good job of appearing to have our scripts memorized, the reality is that we rely on teleprompters.

So today we want to talk about Ikan’s Professional line of teleprompters. Check out the PT4500.

And if you’re in the industry, you likely have tons of different cameras in your studio.  And this teleprompter fits them all.

The Ikan teleprompter is great for traveling on the go. It comes in a reusable custom cut foam which will help keep the kit safe and organized and a waterproof hard case.

But it’s not just about the hardware. You also get the software that allows you to control speed, color, size, and so much more.

That means you won’t miss a word when you have this teleprompter.

So if you’re looking to deliver your next message with clarity, visit ikan.corp.com and pick up a professional teleprompter from Ikan.