PikMobile – A New Social Network that Puts the Control in the Influencer’s Hands | NewsWatch Review


Social media consumes our everyday lives, but the problem is, it doesn’t reflect real life. There are too many bits and pieces of random information that are always on our feeds.

SafeSocial from PikMobile does things differently. It’s a free social network – free to use and free of ads and annoying algorithms. And because privacy is a real concern these days, there is no unethical data grabbing.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Simply engaging stories. How can SafeSocial offer a free service with no ads?

By offering an exciting selection of paid Premium content for those who want more than just their friend’s stories. Creators offer premium and exclusive content to their fans who subscribe.

This is a way for fans to get a behind the scenes look and unique insight into their favorite creator’s life.

On the creator side, this is a way to make a sustainable income while retaining ownership of their unique creative output.

So if you’re ready for a social network without all the useless clutter and noise, check out PikMobile.

You can download the app for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.