QCash Financial – Mobile Lending Products and Financial Support At Your Finger Tips | NewsWatch Review


Did you know that 57% of Americans are struggling financially? What this means is that most of them don’t even have enough cash to cover an unexpected $400 emergency. Car repair, vet bill, medical costs – they dread even the mention of these expenses.

In fact, the leading cause of stress for both men and women in this country is money. Yet, most of us aren’t taught how to manage it.

That’s where QCash Financial comes in. QCash is committed to improving financial health for everyone.

They are partnering with banks and credit unions to offer a dynamic, financial wellness app.

The app connects to the core banking system and then leverages unique customer data to provide personalized, financial education — in real-time — for the bank’s customers.

They’re using behavioral psychology, combined with data science and gamification to help drive change in spending and saving habits.

It’s a win-win. The banks benefit by having a product that helps them attract more customers, retain the ones they already have and accelerate their growth. The customers win by having a personalized, financial coach in the palm of their hand.

And speaking of coaches, the app includes the option to connect the customers to the bank or credit union’s financial advisor team.

To find out more about this innovative product, head over to Qcashfinancial.com today.