A New Currency and New View on the World with the Alfa App | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

At this point, you’ve likely heard about the blockchain and how prevalent it is in modern technology platforms.

But do you truly understand it or know how it works?  Well, Blockchain is a secure way to create an irreversible recording of something, anything from an image to a transaction. Alfa allows anyone to put the blockchain to work for them without needing to truly understand what it is.

Alfa is a new social network that basically enables discovery to happen on a secure blockchain. And so, it gives you a true timeline that goes horizontally from past, present, to future, and a user can post to any of those points in time.

So, that is really great for businesses and consumers alike because now we can interact with each other, transact with each other, and discover each other a lot better than any other network. You can’t find that anywhere else.

Alfa gives you the blockchain in the form of a global calendar. And so, with the calendar you know that you can go back to any point or any date in time. And so, Alfa gives you visibility across all points in time so a user can go back to when he was born and post a baby picture. Or a vendor, let’s say a chef, can go to a point next week and post a daily special that she is going to be cooking up.

So, if she has time today, she can make it today, take a picture, and say that is going to be available next week. And so, now the chef has a direct line to the consumer and the consumer can indicate his or her interest to the chef in real-time. Alfa is built on the blockchain, so it is secure out of the gate.

So, they’re providing security, privacy, and daily sovereignty for every single user that posts content to Alfa.

If you or your company wants to begin using the blockchain to its full potential, head to alfa.io today.