Retro Knight – A Fun, Retro-Inspired Mobile Game | NewsWatch Review


With so many games available in the market, it’s ironically difficult to find the ones that keep you captivated.

Well, look no further because we found an instant classic. Retro Knight is a hilarious, retro-inspired game that will take you back to your childhood. This game has got you playing and living as a goofy knight in a hilariously stereotypical kingdom.

Tasked to carry out new orders from the king each day, you can choose to complete those orders and become a more respectable knight, or just goof off and go fishing, mining, work your garden, or more.

With seemingly endless amounts of topographies and alternate dimensions the game operates on the same clock as you do, offering adventures day and night, seasonal activities, and even holiday experiences.

When you’re ready, dive deep into the darkness and battle those mighty monsters threatening the wild world of Kingdomland. With NO in-app purchases to keep you from exploring further, you’ll be happy to pick Retro Knight up day after day and see what each new day brings.

We’ve met some friendly monsters, gone sailing on the ocean, and even found a few totally unexpected surprises.

So pick up your phone and head on over to to download Retro Knight today!