Survivor Filter – Get Fresh Water Anywhere | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

We can’t survive without water, but not all water is created equal. Drinking water with certain chemicals or bacteria can pose serious health risks. Survivor Filter is a company dedicated to creating products for you to have clean water in any environment.

The Survivor Filter Pro is the ultimate water filter pump, perfect for any scenario that calls for cleaning water. It features the highest level of filtration with a triple filtration system that separates out unwanted bodies.

It can be used directly from a freshwater source or pumped into the attached cup or portable hydration pack.

The Survivor Filter Pro X is the world’s first handheld portable electric water filter. Simply tap the button and watch as it produces 17 ounces of clean water per minute, removing heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and other nasty substances.

The Active Filtration Bottle is a truly unique filter in the industry, made here in the USA.

With an innovative easy squeeze filtration system designed to filter contaminated municipal tap water that will remove chlorine, VOCs, chemicals, bacteria, parasites, and odor found in unfiltered water and the 30-ounce bottle is good for 420 refills.

Whether using it at school, international travel or looking at sustainable choices for your household for any age, check out these products and more at today.