RadRunner – Be Rad with These Electric-Powered Bikes | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you haven’t yet ridden an e-bike, you’re doing yourself a disservice. E-bikes provide a level of power and comfort simply not available with traditional bikes.

And for the best in e-bikes, you’re going to want to check out Rad Power Bikes. They are the largest e-bike brand in North America and for good reason.

With quality bikes, and direct-to-consumer pricing and service, you can’t beat the experience. Their new RadRunner e-bike is as good as it gets.

Designed to be adaptable and affordable, the RadRunner features a single-speed drivetrain for easy riding and maintenance, perfect for first-time riders.

Get quickly up to speed with four levels of pedal assistance and an on-demand throttle that gives 750-watts of power. And with wide semi-fat Kenda tires, the ride combines urban comfort with off-road stability like no other.

The RadRunner doesn’t only offer power, but also unparalleled utility. The extended rear deck can carry cargo or transform into scooter-style seating with the optional Passenger Package.

For the first time ever in an e-bike, you can position the driver seat low to align with the passenger seat or high for a solo ride.

To find out more about the RadRunner, head on over to RadRunner.com.