Rogue Pet Science – Fixing What’s Wrong with Pet Food | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Rogue Pet Science is a company looking to completely upend the dog food industry.

Founded by two dog lovers, one who is a scientist and works in the field of animal health and feed manufacturing, they found there was a severe nutritional deficit our pets faced due to low-quality ingredients and missing essentials amongst some of the top brands of dry dog food.

The single goal of the company is to fix what is wrong with pet food once and for all.
Origins 5-in-1 Canine was designed for over 5 years to fix the nutritional gap missing from dry pet foods while also improving gut health.

As the name suggests, this is a 5-in-1 whole food supplement that adds real nutrition sourced from natural ingredients.

No other product has been added as a filler. It’s just good ol’ nutrition for your furry friend, created with a species-specific diet in mind.

Most quality pet food would just about break the bank, but Origins 5-in-1 Canine is incredibly affordable, disrupting the pet food industry by providing nutritious, affordable food.

You can purchase Origins 5-in-1 Canine pet food today by heading over to