MISTPLAY – Earn Rewards and Make Money with Just a Few Games | NewsWatch Review


What was the dream you had when you were little?

Well, for a lot of us, it was to get paid to play video games. Luckily, with the beauty that is the modern age, you can now do just that.

MISTPLAY is a platform that pays you to play game.

You earn rewards and make money by just having fun and getting lost in a number of immersive mobile games. Here’s how it works. Discover new games in your mixlist.

There are over 100 to choose from, including some you know, like Yahtzee and Candy Crush.

Select whichever one you want and start playing to earn points, or what they call “Units.” Stack up enough Units and you can redeem them for awesome gift cards from places like Amazon or you can opt for cash.

There’s a great social aspect to the MISTPLAY app as well. You can chat with friends or make new ones. Invite people to play along and you’ll all earn more Units.

Compete with others to rank up in the leaderboard or enter contests for bigger and better prizes.

You can download the app by searching for “MISTPLAY” in the Google Play Store today.