Acustica Audio – Master Audio Mixing and Music Production with Cutting-Edge Technology | NewsWatch Review

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If you’re interested in audio mixing – whether you’re a novice or expert – you’re going to want to listen up.

Acustica Audio is a small Italian software company at the forefront of audio technology, producing cutting-edge audio plugins for mixing, mastering, and music production.

As opposed to audio plugins based merely on algorithms, Acustica plugins are based on the physical sampling of vintage and expensive studio hardware, enabling everyone – from top professionals to bedroom producers starting a career in the business – to exploit the actual sound of this rare equipment anywhere and anytime.

It’s basically like having a full-fledged mixing and mastering studio inside a computer, allowing you to create truly authentic-sounding masterpieces.

But most importantly, Acustica has been working on incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology into their plugins as well, teaming up with top pro’s all around the world in order to ‘capture’ their very experience and replicating it inside the plugins which ‘learn’ how to apply themselves to particular kinds of audio material, making it possible for everyone to exploit their know-how as a starting point while working on their projects.

Learn how you can get your hands on one of Acustica’s plugins today by heading to