Matter and Form – V2 3D Scanner for Children Learning | NewsWatch Review


If you’re a teacher or school administrator, you’re probably always on the hunt to find effective ways to incorporate STEM or STEAM into your classrooms.

Well, the Matter and Form V2 3D scanner is an easy and cost-effective way to empower kids in their learning journeys.

Matter and Form is an original maker company. Their inspiration is to create 3D technologies that most of the world hasn’t seen before.

The V2 is their flagship 3D scanner. It has the accuracy that’s needed by professionals, but it’s easy to use and has a price point that’s accessible to anyone.

The goal of STEAM is to take different skillsets and blend them together. And at Matter and Form, they live that every day.

The 3D scanner was created by blending different types of skills together. So when you think about math, and engineering, and computer science, that’s what 3D scanning is but it’s also art and design. The scanner blends all of them together.

Their assignments were inspired by how 3D scanners are used in dozens of different professions. Their step by step hands-on instructions helps children do things such as creating handlebar grips that are customized to each students’ hand grip. Or creating Legos. Or creating Mesopotamia stamp seals.

The assignments are standard aligned and flexible so a teacher can take them and use them in different ways, depending on the needs of their classroom.

The feedback that Matter and Form get back from administrators and teachers is that the kids feel confident and empowered because they’ve actually practiced these skills.

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