The Tracker App – Keep an Eye on Your Favorite Browsed Items | NewsWatch Review


Forget holiday season – shopping season is upon us, and I know you need all the help you can get to make sure you get those hard-to-find gifts.

Check out the Tracker App by I4U News. This free shopping app helps you locate those elusive products that never seem to be in stock.

Instead of searching site after site, trying desperately to track it down, this app puts it all in one place.

Use The Tracker App to browse the list of hard-to-find items you want to keep an eye on. Set up notifications that alert you whenever toys, video games, electronics, and other products are in stock and ready for purchase from major online retailers.

When a notification for an item arrives, you’re only a tap away from placing it in your shopping basket and completing the purchase. The quick and easy process puts you in first place to snag it before it’s gone.

And in case you’re more of a laptop shopper, there’s a browser-based version of The Tracker App at

To download the free app today search for “i4u” in Google Play or the App Store, or simply visit