StretchIt App – Improve Your Flexibility Through Video Classes | NewsWatch Review


If you know anything about your body, then you know that stretching to improve flexibility and to get yourself nice and limber is important for just about everything you do.

But when was the last time you incorporated it into your daily routine? Here ís an app to guide you through it for the best results.

StretchIt is a direct method for improving flexibility through goal-oriented video classes. StretchIt literally has thousands of exercises with easy to follow instructions in over 40 hours of video content.

This unique stretching app is personalized to you, recommending classes and a personal program based on your goals.

Each class combines yoga, gymnastics, pilates, and certain dance stretching techniques to move you toward your flexibility goal. Videos range anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

It doesnít matter what kind of shape youíre in or even if youíve never stretched a day in your life. And after every class youíll provide feedback so that they can further guide you to the flexibility you want.

You might even want to take part in flexibility challenges where you snap before and after pictures along the way so you can see your achievements.

You can download StretchIt in the App Store and sign up for a free 7-day trial today.