Upside – Cost-Efficient Way to Manage Messy Travel Expenditures | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

Upside believes there’s no such thing as a business traveler and you shouldn’t be expected to be one. Because when you’re traveling, it’s not to be an expert in travel logistics.

It’s to accomplish a business objective: make a big sale, find a new partner, develop new skills.

Companies pay a lot to travel, so it needs to pay off. It’s crazy to pay a booking fee for booking your own travel online. And, why pay extra for service? What’s next – a fee every time you check your itinerary?

Upside is completely different. They’re perfect for companies looking for a cost-efficient way to manage their messy travel expenditures. Upside doesn’t charge any fees, lock you into any contracts, or charge for 24/7 expert customer service.

What’s more, companies get 3% cashback on their employee’s travel spends. How’s that possible? They’ve partnered with one of the largest travel companies in the world to share access to private corporate rates most companies aren’t big enough to get on their own.

No one offers more and charges less than Upside.

Let Upside do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your business objective, and not how you’re going to get there.

Get more out of your corporate travel with Upside.