Viventium – Payroll and HR Company from Home Care Agencies to Skilled Nursing Facilities | NewsWatch Review

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While there are lots of options for outsourcing payroll, you should look at companies with a track record of excellence. Viventium Software is a payroll and HR company that started in Brooklyn NY over 25 years ago and now operates in all 50 States.

They offer flexible software and expert guidance so clients can be sure their payroll and HR is done right! But what makes Viventium truly unique is their focused specialization in what they call ‘Health Services’, including everything from Home Care Agencies to Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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In these industries, there is no shortage of complexity or regulatory compliance. Viventium is an expert at taking complex manual payroll calculations and automating them through their cloud-based technology.

They easily handle payroll challenges like retroactive pay and overtime premium. They know how to handle even the most difficult state and local tax authority requirements. Their advanced technology is also coupled with remarkable service.

Viventium has dedicated teams to handle specific industries like Health Services and the company enjoys a 93% client retention rate so we know their clients are happy!

It’s no wonder why they’re earning a reputation as the number one choice for companies with complex payroll. Learn more today at