Avie.Life & Zellulin.Tech by the Proprietary Technologies of Avant Meats | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Scientists predict that based on the rate we catch fish, our oceans would be emptied by 2050.

There are also problems with the fish we eat now. Pollutants such as heavy metals, microplastic, antibiotics, and parasites are often found.

Fortunately, we have a solution now.  Using pioneering technology, we are able to cultivate pure marine proteins sustainably in a clean and controlled environment. What is more exciting is that we can have more nutritious meat than we have now.

Fish Products

Avie is the brand of a new generation of fish products. Not only are the fish meat totally pure, 100% source to product traceable, it also contains more collagen, omega-3&6.

Besides eating fish, we can also include high-quality fish proteins in the form of supplement powder in our daily diet. Zellulin Powder is the next super dietary supplement created using protein cultivation technology.

It is more than collagen powder because it contains ALL THE health and skin-benefiting marine proteins from fish. It is also unprocessed, whole, neutral in smell and can be paired with several beverages.

Sure, these amazing products are enabled by Avant Meats’ proprietary technology. You can reserve yours from avie.life or zellulin.tech.