Caspar Awareness – Smart, Safe Living for Seniors | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Technology has allowed us to live smarter and safer.  This is especially true in Caspar homes, where they have senior solutions for the most comfortable living environment.

Caspar is an intelligent assistant for your home for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. It automatically adjusts lighting and climate in your home. For example, by opening the shades, it brings light into the home – it encourages people to have an active lifestyle and be healthy.

Caspar has a unique technology called Caspar Sense. It tracks where people are going in the house and what activities they are doing.

For example, if they’re cooking in the home and they leave their stove on, Caspar would find out and try to use the home ambiance and lighting to alert them about the stove left on.

It can save the property and them from accidents.

One of the most widely liked features is our activity awareness feature. Seniors are often unable to get up in the morning or they lack motivation to engage. Caspar detects such inactivity and alerts the property in case there is a situation such as a fall.

One of the challenges in senior independent living is when such incidents as fall or inactivity happen, no one is able to know when something like that happens.

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