Flash App – Put Your Photos and Videos at the Forefront of Your Social Media Experience | NewsWatch Review


What’s your favorite thing to do on social media?

Well, if you’re like everyone else, it’s sharing pictures & videos.  The newest social media app on the block, Flash, understands this and puts your photos and videos at the forefront of your social media experience. Flash redefines phone calls by adding a picture and video sharing to make phone calls fun and exciting.

Choose what photos your friends see whenever you call them. Turn your pictures into a Caller ID so your friends see what you’re up to every time you call. Share Caller ID photos as creative and unique as you are!

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You can even send a Hidden Flash that deletes itself so your flash photo or video remains private and time-limited.

So go ahead, make inside jokes and so much more with the Hidden Flash feature.

There’s truly no other app like this with its unique, patent-pending feature that allows you to take your phone calls to another level with personalized Caller ID photos and hidden videos.

Start Flashing today to make your calls more fun and exciting with the Flash app.

Download it in the Google Play or App Store.