SocialSign.In – Connecting Customers with Businesses Through Location, Social Interests, and More | NewsWatch Review

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For businesses that operate brick and mortar locations, it can be a struggle to uncover who is on-site as customers and how to engage with them.

How do you connect with customers as a business and how can you verify who they are?

Do this is no easy feat. Businesses have tried everything from on-site surveys, contests, and specialized apps, but getting customers to adopt new behaviors is hard.

The savviest brick and mortar operators conquer this challenge by leveraging their most requested amenity, Guest WiFi, and turning it into a rich marketing channel. And this is a perfect opportunity to easily connect with customers on-site using a capability most brick and mortar businesses already have.

It all works without changing existing hardware or asking customers to download an app. It allows you to have one-on-one digital interaction while people are on-site, and, typically, when they first arrive.

They serve each connected visitor a personalized and relevant experience with engaging content based on location, social interests, and other relevant data each time they use their mobile devices on-site.

For more information on how to make sure your business gathers this untapped source of first-party data, head over to SocialSign.In today.