Week Away Bag Mobile Dog Gear – Adequately Store Goods for You and Your Pet | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Traveling with pets is more involved than you might think – it’s much more than carrying around a few treats.

Depending on your dog’s needs, you might have a ton of accessories like toys and grooming tools with nowhere to put them.

That’s where the Week Away Bag by Mobile Dog Gear comes in handy. Mobile Dog Gear are the originators of convenient pet accessory luggage, filling a huge gap in the industry that’ll change the way you and your furry friend travel.

pet travel bag

Their unique Week Away Bag comes in two sizes so it’s ideal for longer trips with dogs both large and small. A well-placed divider will keep everything organized and stacked nicely.

The two-lined carriers are a perfect stow-away spot for food or treats and with the help of veterinarians holds the perfect amount for your trip.

When it’s chow time, simply unzip to use the built-in placemat, and two collapsible bowls.

This patent-pending feeding system is worth the purchase alone. Your Week Away Bag meets all airline requirements, with multiple color options.

You can pick up your Week Away Bag today by visiting ShopMobileDogGear.com.